How much money are have you let slip through your fingers because you did not stay in touch with your past clients?

With Automatic Market Systems, your client will get one or two branded oversized postcards every month and you will never have to think about it ever again? 

Your SOI and past clients are truly a Gold Mine if you stay in touch in a professional friendly mannor that deepens the relationship you have with them while keeping you top of mind. That is what we do automaticly for you month in and month out. 

You must start with a core brand look and message that differentiates you from your competitors in a meaningful and emotional way. Most mailing programs focus on sending out clever messages but fail to build your name into a brand that people remember. We turn your brand message into a powerful template that promotes you at a glance so even if someone throws your Powerkard in the trash, they will remember your name. is the long time leader in high quality branded mailing for the real estate industry. They serve agents from all real estate companys. From the big franchies to the small indepentants. They focus on make the agent the brand not the company. 

We are focused on your growth over the long term.

Our program is not for agents who are looking for instant leads. Our programs are designed to build your business consistently over time. We want to be your long term marketing partner for the rest of your real estate career.