This Powerful Three Times aa month Automatic mailing system is the fastest most consistent way to dominate a farm area.

This is the plan that Keller Williams 36 Touch Progam form the Millionaire Real Estate Agent Book was based on. It does take nine to twelve months of mailing to start seeing results, by the end of the second year you agents consistently dominate their farm. Yes, it costs money but the ROI is amazing. It will cost you $2.01 per home in your farm per month. Mail a 500 home farm for 12 months will cost you $12,060.00 for the year. That gets you 18,000 high quality Personally branded Powerkards sent to 500 people 36 times. Those 500 people will know who you are and what you do and they will call you to list their homes. Plus you could not run this plan cheaper even if you paid yourself just $6 an hour for your time. If your 500 home farm only has a 5% turnover rate that means 25 home a year actually sell in your farm. If you only get 20% your first year that is 5 listing that sell. If you average commission is $6,000 you will earn $30,000 in your first year and close to $60,000 in your second year in listing and you will double that because your listing will generate buyer leads. If you have higher price points you are crazy not to start this. It does not matter if you are brand new or are ready to get of the treadmill of calling. This is more effective and consistent than Zillow advertising and you build your brand and long term referral and repeat business. You would be crazy not to do this. If a 500 home farm is two much start with 250 homes. But get started. While you waiting fo your mailing to work call, hold open houses and do what ever you need to do but one year from now your life will be different. 

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