What Automatic Marketing Systems does. 

It's simple we mail out one, two or three branded PowerKards each month to your Past Clients, your SOI and or your target market (farm) and you never have to think about it, or have your staff think about it. It just happens month in an month out year after year.

When you sign up we create 12, 24 or 36 messages to go on your branded Powerkard. You can proof them and tweak them any way you like. Once approved you give us your mailing list and we will print, and mail your Powerkards for you every month. Your Powerkards go out automaticlly. It's that simple. 

We keep you top of mind with your target market. When people see you over and over again with positive relationship building messages you generate a steady flow of business. There are three things needed to make this happen. 1. A core brand identity that highlights your name and point of differenication at a glance and that never changes. This is what ties all of your marketing activities together without this in place you will never generate the easy come list me business that skyrockets your business. 2. An ever changing message that goes on your core brand. This keeps your market fresh and engaging so that long before your prospects are ready to buy or sell they know who you are and you are top of mind when they actually need an agent. 3. Consistency, year in and year out nothing beats the power of consistently keeping your name and brand in front of your SOI, past cleints and farm. That is why 98% of agents who start on the Automatic Marketing Systems never stop unless they retire or sell their business. 

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