A cost effective once a month mailing system that will make your warm calls to your SOI easier and more effective.

This cost effective program is designed for agents and business owners who have regular contact with their client base, and who realize that they are not consistently touching everyone as much as they should. Mailing one piece per month reminds them that you care about their business. Year in and year out the people who stay in touch consistently generate the most referral and repear business. The cost for each person on the plan is 66 cents, this includes printing, handling and bulk rate postage of your mailings. A message is mailed at the start of each month automaticly.

Click Here to see a sample of our current Once-A-Month Automatic Mailing System for a single agent

Warning: If this is the only contact you have with your SOI, consider a higher frequney system. The once a month plan works best if you have some other form of contact with them, monthly emails or quarterly calls or regular client events or you see them socailly on a consistent basis.