Who We Are

Automatic Marketing Systems was founded by Greg Herder. He feel in love with real estate and was always looking for more effective ways to build his brand with high qaulity marketing tools. He has trained thousands of agents on how to build their personal brand. He was the creator of the 8x8 and 36 touch programs that were popularized in the Book. The Millionaire Real Estate Agent.  

Dennis LeBlanc is the head of the creative division of Automatic Marketing Systems, he oversees the creation of the core brand message for each agent as well as many of the powerful messages that go out year after year. 

Lesky Chung is the webmaster and technology expert that runs AutoMatic Marketing systems so that you and your team can focus on selling real estate not designing printing and mailing out your marketing. 

Our Job Is Marketing You! Automaticlly, Consistently and Effectively! 

Automatic Marketing Systems offers a team of experienced marketers that work together to to help guide you on your professional journey. Our success depends on growing your business. We love our jobs, and our goal is for you to love yours too. Let us run your marketing programs so you can focus on growing your business.